Stainless Steel Water Filter

stainless steel water filters

Stainless Steel Water Filters are the gold standard when choosing the best water filters. Especially where gravity water filtration is concerned, more and more homes and office complex are choosing Stainless Steel Water Filter like big Berkey water filter.

So, if you are looking for the best water filters for your home, there are many options to choose from.

Stainless Steel Water Filter, glass water filters or others that are made from food-grade resin and finished with a stainless steel housing.

The same can also be said for the shower head water filter brands especially where your goal is to add vitamin C, boost up the presence of beneficial minerals lost during the water treatment process… Stainless Steel Water Filters are the first on the list.

In fact, more and more homes now install either a whole house water filtration system or an under the sink water filter system.

So, regardless of how you look at it… for the sake of a better looking and overall health of your skin, some waterborne compounds are beneficial to the hair & Nails.

You will be surprised at how much little people know at the damage well water and city water supply does to your health and house plumbing. If the removal of Chlorine, Fluoride, Odors, Heavy Metals, Bacteria are not done properly to our home water supply your family may be at the risk of ingesting waterborne pathogens and volatile metals…

And if you do not know how water filters work, you are more likely to believe that tap water is good enough for drinking… unfortunately, that is not the case!

How Does Water Filters Work?
How Does Water Filters Work?

Ever Wondered How Does Water Filters Work To Purify Water?

The water supplied to your home by the local water company is treated from all sorts of impurities. None the less, it still comes into your home with particles and sediments, volatile organic compounds also known as VOCs. And to remove some of the pathogenic bacteria found in water, chemicals like chlorine is added to the water which affects the odor and taste of the water.

So, if you are wondering how water filters work? Here’s how water filters like big Berkey, Aquasana or Curigan water filters work:
Unlike water filtration systems that use membrane water filters, layers of activated carbon filtering material are applied to the water filtration of filtering water in a bed of activated carbon.

And the goal for this activated carbon is to remove contaminants and impurities, using chemical adsorption. … If you do not know, active charcoal carbon filters are the most effective compound for removing other water impurities and chemicals like chlorine, sediments, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), bad taste and odor from water.

Truth is, the market is flush with water filtration systems that will promise you heaven and earth, however, if you want the most effective solution, evidence shows that unless you prioritize your water purification goals first and choose the right water filtration system that is ideal, chances are that trying to find the one with everything will not be as effective for a water filter system as you want.

No wonder there are lots of people who turn to online forums wondering if water filters are worth it or not…

Aquasana Water Filter

Aquasana water filtration system is one of the best water filters and the most efficient, long-lasting water filters among the long list of their product line which also includes:

  • Aquasana Shower Filters
  • Aquasana Whole House Water Filter Systems
  • Aquasana Countertop Water Filters
  • Aquasana Under-sink Water Filters
Aquasana 3-Stage Under Sink Water Filter System with Chrome Faucet
Aquasana 3-Stage Under Sink Water Filter System with Chrome Faucet

Now, if your worries for hard water that causes a host of skin problems including Eczema, hair loss, and dandruff are giving you sleepless nights, Aquasana Shower Filters will handle that for you! And if you install this water filtration system, it takes up to 6 months is long before an Aquasana shower filter cartridge replacement is required.

Anyone looking to remove volatile organic compounds or chlorine from their shower water, they stand to benefit from Aquasana shower head with a filter that removes water compounds and chemicals that often lead to hair loss.

Berkey Water Filter System

The Berkey water filters are also one of the most sought after water filter systems, highly popular with families that have homes with a water supply requiring to remove volatile organic compounds and chemicals like chloramine, chlorine, and odor.

Big Berkey Bk4x2 Countertop Filter
Big Berkey Bk4x2 Countertop Filter

Much like the rest of water filter brands, Berkey water filters also boasts of an array of the best water filter which includes:

  • Big Berkey Countertop Water Filtration Systems.
  • Berkey Shower Water Filtration Systems
  • Travel Berkey Water Filter

Whichever Berkey water filter system you want to buy, your goal is to remove chemicals, volatile chemical compounds, bad taste in water and all known unpure sediments you do not need in your drinking or bathing water.

What you will love about Berkey water filter systems is that they are long-lasting ( up to 12 months before changing the shower water filter and resilient enough to remove all waterborne pathogens and bad chemicals in the water.

Berkey Filters can remove both Chlorine and Chloramine from water to greater than 99.9%.
Get Berkey shower filter if you want to get rid of water compounds with the help of a filter designed to reduce chlorine, water-soluble heavy metals, and scale.

If you are an avid traveler, avoiding water with Chlorine, Fluoride, bad tasting water, Odors, Heavy Metals or the exposure to waterborne bacteria, you need the Travel Berkey.

Travel Berkey Filters are versatile water filtration mini machines capable to filter up to 1.5 Gallons while each water filter used in the Travel Berkey Water Filter will last up to 12 months or up until 3000 gallons of water is filtered(whichever comes first).

As the travel Berkey water filter comes with a pair of durable black Berkey water filters, anyone in their travels will enjoy up to 6000 gallons of water before requiring to replace the water filter cartridge.

By design, the travel Berky water filter perfectly fits a single person or a couple traveling to exotic holiday destination and wants to save money from bottled water.

Big Berkey water filters are also ideal for medium to large office environments. Office spaces spend a considerable amount of bottled filtered water when they can make considerable savings by investing in one or two big Berkey gravity water filters. And, if the volume or the water capacity of big Berkey water filters is holding you back, just wait until you see how much does a travel Berkey water filter(which is the smallest) is capable of holding…

How much water does the Travel Berkey hold?

2.5 gallons or 10.5 liters of filtered water is what a travel Berkey can hold at a time. However, in an office setting or emergency circumstances, the big Berkey that has been configured as a gravity water filter system is capable of serving anywhere from 33 if not that number double (up to 66 people served with filtered water per day.

Go Berkey Kit -Includes Stainless Steel Portable Water Filter System with Sport Berkey Water Bottle
Go Berkey Kit -Includes Stainless Steel Portable Water Filter System with Sport Berkey Water Bottle

Berkey water filtration boasts of a maximum water filtration flow rate of up to 4 gallons per hour, which equates to 15.5 liters of water per hour when configured with two of their popular Black Berkey Purification Elements.

Without a doubt, the Travel Berkey water filter system is the dark horse for backpackers or anyone traveling away from home. Surely, with the production of up to 2.75 gallons or 10.4 liters of purified water per hour, it is a no-brainer.

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