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Starting a home food pantry

For years, our great great great grandfathers lived on foraging and often moved from place to place in search of food according to their seasons. Since the beginning of animal husbandry and agronomy, man began to harness new ways to keep the food supplies they needed for all their seasons.

And that marked the beginning of home food pantries… Today, the food preservation technology has allowed us to even further process food and store it for easy and quick to make ready meals as well as money-saving tactics which allow for us to buy and preserve fresh foods in their season, so we do not have to pay a premium in their shortage seasons.

This is why we started this blog so you and others can confidently live with the seasons, by becoming even more self sufficient in your own right, eating fresh food which has been processed in a way you know that no harmful food preservative additives were used, which in many cases lead to harm your health in the long run.

We know that home food pantry goals for each and every one of our valued readers is unique. And this is also why we like to think that we may not be a good fit for everyone who wants to own and run a thriving home food pantry at home. 

But, if you happen to like the Idea of starting a home pantry preparedness and money saving for your family home, we share tips and guides here…

We also offer simple and easy to understand home made guides and ideas for those of you who think that growing and foraging food and medicinal or cosmetic plants.

We know that as much as it matter for what you put in your food recipes,  we also believe that our tutorials for cooking, fermenting, and preserving the harvest can best be put into good use when making your own homemade organic soap, even on how to make an herbal salve at home too!

If you are a complete newbie to easy homemade herbal remedies and body care products, do not fret it! We are here to help in any way possible, as our goal is to make you as self relient as possible without breaking the bank.

The Benefits of a Home Food Pantry

There are numerous benefits to starting a hom food pantry and I will be breaking all the most obvious and hidden benefits here so you can figure it out for yourself if owning a home food pantry is even worth it. But before we jump to the many benefits…

Why Start A Home Food Pantry

From experience, many of our readers myself included, we started a home food pantry because we wanted to be an emergency food and supplies preparedness, save money by preserving seasonal food when it is in abundant supply but also enjoy the freedom and piece of mind knowing that your family has all the food security they need at all times.

Emergency food preparedness

Whether it’s Brexit, natural disasters and femine, emergencies that can affect a steady supply of food at your local food store are constantly on our radars. We just choose not to care to prepare for it!

Imagine how food prices will be affected with the disruption of movement of food and animal supplies within the EU after Brexit and you will know why starting a home food pantry preparedness is key. There is no doubt that importation of fresh food and processed foods from other european countries will raise prices in UK’s local super markets.

This is why having an emergency food preparedness by building a food pantry is key in case of a no-deal Brexit.

Save Money

I make huge savings in shopping groceries by growing my own tomatoes every summer using these  grow bags from Amazon.

And if you are wondering if a grow bag is worth the effort, I bet it does! I buy a dozen of grow bags off Amazon, which are then placed at the back of my little garden yard so I can grow tomato plants.

Each grow bag has the planting hole, where I place my select tomato seedlings into the compost and firming them gently. 

With a simple grow bag that allow two plants for a 60-liter bag of compost, or three plants for a 75-liter bag can harvest up to 25 pounds of fresh and juicy tomatoes each summer at a fraction cost.

Such a bumper harvest of homegrown fresh tomatoes is frozen or canned in individual portions for use in winter and times of need.

Food Security

Things To Consider When Setting Up Your Home Food Pantry

If you are thinking of starting a home food pantry, you need to plan and consider what you will need for your pantry setup. Will you be preserving and canning food at home?

If so, you will need to choose the best affordable home canning equipment you can use. The same goes for dehydrators for drying your tomatoes or fresh fruits.

The majority of home food pantries are built inside garages, and if you too have got no basement, you are probably best suited to set up your food storage pantry in your garage. You will need a list of things to realize your dream home food pantry.

  1. Pantry Airtight containers for dried food and legumes like beans.
  2. Shelving racks
  3. Wide mouth Mason jars
  4. Pantry Motion sensor lighting system
  5. Cutesy Pantry Jar labelings
  6. Pantry Temperature monitoring

Organization Of Your Home Food Pantry Is Key

Set Realistic Home Food Goals

Location Of Your Home Food Pantry

Build or Purchase Shelving

Are You Growing Or Shopping And Preparing Your Home Food Pantry?

Best Food To Store in Your Pantry

Store Meals Ready To Eat 

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